How to Connect Free OpenVPN in

  1. First, You need to download software to connect the vpn, you can visit the website :
    Or if you at you can follow these instruction by clicking
    “ Download Software “
    Then you will be directed to the download site , Choose the right device you have , Personally im using Windows , If you’re using windows click on the windows button.
    Then you will directed again to the openvpn site,On the site you must choose what your Windows version , If you using XP 32 Bit Click On it.

    If you using Windows XP 64 Bit Click the bottom of Windows XP 32 Bit.

    But, If you using Windwos Vista or later Version 32 Bit Click on the bottom of Windows XP 64 Bit.

    If you using Windows Vista or Later you can click at the Bottom of the 32 Bit

  2. Wait for the download complete, then open the Opvpn Installer to Install Openvpn Client.
  3. If Your Windwos appear this :

    You must check the “ Always trust software from”OpenVPN Technologies,Inc.”.” , And click “Install” Button.

  4. After Installation finished , You can create the Vpn account, I’m gonna create TCP Account , If you want to create UDP Account click at UDP , If you want to torrenting click at Torrenting account.
  5. After you click one of them , You will see 3 Server ( Asia , Europe , America )

    I’m gonna using Asia server, Then click on it.

  6. After that, You will directed again, On this page you should pick 1 server,
  7. Before you create account you must download the config and place at the Vpn config Folder.

    Download the config first , After you finished downloading the config you must Place/Extract it to the OpenVpn Config Folder.
    – Open the RAR file , you will see 1 or 2 Config at the RAR file,Personally im using 443 Port , You can using other port too.
    First, Click on the “ Extract “ Button in the RAR file, Then choose the Openvpn Folder that you install before , Then go  to “ Config “ folder and click “ OK “ , Config will be extracted to “ Config Folder “.

  8. After Download and Extracting the Config ,Now you can create your own account at, Click on the “ Click username and password “
  9. You will be directed again to the Username and Password Creator.
    – Choose your username and password , Do not create password same as username , It will be harm you.

    Then click “ Create Account “

  10. Now your account is ready to use
  11. After Creating your account , Open the OpenVPN GUI , Go to tray then Right click on it

    Then Click “ Settings “ , The settings should be like this

    Then click “ OK “

  12. After settings the Open Vpn, Go to tray then right click again at the Ovpn GUI , Click “ CONNECT “
    You will see this

    Put your Username and Password that you create earlier at
    Then click “ OK “ , Wait for the VPN Connecting to the server.

  13. If the Openvpn GUI Closed , And the tray icon is Green , Your VPN is ready to use

    Finish. Thanks for using ./Tutorial By : www.MyTunnel.Info