How to Connect OpenVPN in Via Android will explain step by step how to use OpenVPN in Via Android.

Menggunakan VPN bertujuan untuk merubah IP address kamu, dan juga menambah kecepatan dan kesetabilan koneksi internet.

1. Open the OpenVPN Connect applications that have been downloaded in playstore.

2. Click on the “plusin the bottom right corner.


3. Select the import VPN Profile.


4. Find VPN config file extension .ovpn that have been downloaded from appropriate account has been created. Here I use a VPN account Indonesia TCP443.


5. If it is open, straight to the Authentication section Tick the Save user and password Enter the username and password click on the back arrow.


6. Then click on the save icon.


7. To connect touch slide button on the side VPN profile that you have created.

8. to disconnect simply click the stop button at the top right up to his status as an image. If you already exit the application.

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