How to Connect OpenVPN in will explain step by step how to use OpenVPN in

1. Download OpenVPN for 32bit and 64bit Website Officially, download according to the windows that you are using (32bit or 64bit)


2. Install OpenVPN (right click and run as administrator for Windows 7/8), then the next until the finish.







3. Connect the Internet that you use.


4. Open the application you’ve installed OpenVPN by right click Run as administrator.


5. Look at the bottom right corner of your computer desktop. Then the settings as shown below :


6. Open Website to download the file OpenVPN Configuration File”. Select servers that you want, and download the file OpenVPN Configuration Fileaccording to your needs, this example I will download the file USA VPN Config Server TCP Port 443of the server USA.


7. Extract the file Config” you’ve downloaded, and then copy at: C: / pogram Files / OpenVPN / Config.


8. Open website to create an account, username and password filled up to you, then click create, will appear along with a username and password and data Expired Date Created.

9. Open the OpenVPN application that already been you open it by “Run as administrator”, (will appear on the lower right on your computer’s desktop). Click connect, it will show a dialog box username and password, then enter usename and password that you create on the website and click OK.

10. If OpenVPN is connected properly then OpenVPN icon turns green.

11. Finish .. You can surf using OpenVPN.

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