How to Connect PPTP in

Here are simple steps to make a PPTP connection, from example we will use a server from will explain step by step How to Connect PPTP in

  1. Open Aplication Modem or wifi connection and connect to the internet. Check Auto Route and enter the PPTP server hosts that would be used, as an example I use
    SGDO3 Server IP: and you can create account in

  2. Create Profile manually PPTP, Right-click the icon in the lower right corner signals continue to select Open ”Network and Sharing Center”. As shown in the following image:

  3. Then select Set up a new connection or network. As shown in the following image:

  4. After opening the display will look like the image below:
    Select and Open Connect to a workplace

  5. The next step Select> No, create a new connection and just to the Next. As shown in the following image:

  6. For the next step turn off the internet connection / disconnect MMD
    Then, we proceed to the next step.
    After clicking Next in the previous step. Will appear as shown
    Below, Select and Open Use my Internet connection (VPN)

  7. Then selectLet me Decide later and directly to Next”. As shown in the following image:

  8. Then – Type the Internet address to connect to> Fill in the PPTP server IP Host
    And to name its Dial Up free course according to individual taste
    After inputting the IP host and his name Dial up directly click Next. As shown in the following image:

  9. The next appearance for stuffing. Type your user and password
    He could have filled completely user and password but I more
    Choosing empty it all. (we enter the user and pass the time Dial later)
    Immediately select> Create
    . As shown in the following image:

  10. Next – Close. As shown in the following image:
  11. PPTP profile has been successfully created. The next step is setting up properties.
    The next stage we set the properties.
    Previously we connect again MMD / Internet to start the Internet connection. You cant see tutorial number 1 (Image number 1).

    After the modems successfully connect,, then we headed to the PPTP Profile was created.
    Right-click on the VPN Connection continues to Select Properties. As shown in the following image:

    a. Select the General tab will be visible Host IP PPTP server that already we fill the time create profile PPTP earlier.

    Select Options :

    c. Select Security :

    d. Select Networking:
    Do not be checked (uncheck) Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP / IPv6) Next select IPv4> Properties. As shown in the following image:

    e. After click properties on IPv4 will appear as shown below Fill in the primary and secondary DNS (here we use Google DNS only). Then click OK.

    f. Select Sharing:
    Leave blank as shown in the picture below:


  13. Properties already completed setting. It is time to try to connect to the internet
    Select Dial PPTP then right click and Connect

  14. Fill in your account user and password and click Connect.
  15. Attempting to connect to the internet:
  16. If you successfully connect the results

  17. AFTER SUCCESS connect please check directly in CMD
    type: ping -t

  18. Finish. This tutorial by
    You can create account PPTP VPN in