T-MyTunnel FastSSH v.7

T-MyTunnel FastSSH v.7 – For SC asjat, already support VPN SoftEther and of course also support SSH.

update to the previous version of the tutorial that are inactive.

The full tutorial on the notepad.

Tutorial on the notepad using Indonesian. so that you can easily to get it.

To get the Zip Password Tool and tutorials please comment on this F-Page and PM fb: facebook.com/speedxpwashere
Fast response if it is online.

Download Link : T-MyTunnel FastSSH v.7

Alternatif Download Link : T-MyTunnel FastSSH v.7

Virtot : T-MyTunnel FastSSH v.7

Screenshot  SSH :


Screenshot  VPN :


Screenshot  SoftEther :


If you can’t download or link doesn’t open, Please replace the IP Address or SSH account,
If you are using SSH
. Create SSH Account in FastSSH.com

In the tool folder i have included notepad file, first off all you have to read the notepad file.
If the notepad file doesn’t exist in the folder tool, please re-download.

Credit to Inject Creator : MyTunnel.info , FastSSH.com , tcpVPN.com Team