How to Connect SSH Using eProxy (SC Luna)

MyTunnel.Info will give tutorial step by step How to Connect SSH Using eProxy. SSH allows the use of your internet faster, and also using SSH also can change the IP address.

  1. First you must have application eproxy and account ssh.
  2. You can create free ssh account on, you will see some continent. In this section i’m choose Asia.
  3. After that choose one of the server countries then choose sub server.

    In this section i’m choose Indonesia then choose server Indonesia
  4. Choose your username and password, don’t forget to checklist captcha then click “create account”. This account will be active for 3 days or if you want create account for 1 week you can enter the username bellow “create account for 1 week” then click “create ssh account”. Scroll down find “continue create account” then click it. After that choose pasword, checklist captcha then click “create account”.  Now your account ready to use.
  5. After you create your account, open application eproxy.
  6. Click menu then click ssh configuration. Input the ssh account you’ve just create before.
  7. Back to home page, now if you want to create your own payload click menu then click simple maker or if you already have config click icon plus. In this section i already have config.
  8. After that click start.
  9. Wait eproxy  connected, you can look conection status in icon message. If already connected then it will look like below.


You’re already a success surf.
./Tutorial by MyTunnel.Info